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Muscle Pain

7yrs ago I broke my back. I've lived with lots of pain ever since. Natalie began helping me a year ago.  With her help my muscles have begun to wake up! If your muscles need a wake up call; give Natalie a call.

Claire Z.

Improved Mobility

No matter how bad I feel, when I leave Natalie's, I feel 100% better.  She has kept my shoulder from

freezing up and eased the pain in my back.  She keeps me moving and now I can spend 5 days at the


Jean D.

Continue Training

Natalie has been working with me for a number of years, keeping my body going through training and

running several half and full marathons with her ability to diagnose and solve the varied issues runners

find during their training regimen.

Iain M.


I had been pregnant for almost 2 years straight (baby #3 was 4 months old when I got pregnant with baby #4) and as a result, I was having severe back and hip pains. I was barely able to move my legs to dress myself without bursting into tears from the pain. My wonderful husband contacted Natalie about

scheduling a 1-hour session for a "pregnant mommy". I had never been to a masseuse before, so I was a

little skeptical it would help me. After one hour of Natalie working her magic, not only was I able to move

better without pain, I was finally able to stretch again! I highly recommend Natalie and her wonderful

knowledge and abilities!"

Shelly B.


As a college football player at Gardner-Webb University, my body has endured years of beatings and

bruises. Luckily I was introduced to Natalie [at Evolution] through my dad. During my football

career, I have sustained a lingering neck injury along with tightening of my hips and lower back pain. After

one session I have noticed a significant difference in the severity of both my neck and lower back pain!

Looking forward to going back to so some active stretching and also getting a massage as soon as


Matt M.

Continue Training

What impresses me most is Natalie's thoroughness in her approach to therapeutic massage. She initially

questions the client regarding the location, duration and magnitude of the problem including which body

motions aggravate or lessen the pain. She then educates the client on the interaction between specific

muscle groups relative to the specific pain pattern. Although this initial intake requires only a few minutes,

I feel this time is well spent for her to sharply define the pain pattern and select specific sports or

therapeutic massage options. She truly individualizes each client's plan and options.

Bill B., MD

Peak Condition

As a member of the U.S. military, it's important that I'm in peak physical condition at all times. So, when I hurtmyself midway through my enlistment, it was a huge setback, especially since the injury also meant could no longer do two things I loved: Powerlifting and training for long distance runs.  


I was fortunate enough at this point to know about the services available at Evolution Bodywork; by working with Natalie, I believe 100% that my recovery has been greatly expedited. After every session with her, I feel less pain and walk away with valuable information from Natalie that has been used by my doctors to give me amore accurate diagnosis and better treatment.


I consider the therapeutic sessions I've had with Natalie to beone of the best investments I've ever made in my physical health and mental well-being (because, lets face it,massages are pretty relaxing, too!) I truly cannot thank her enough for the work she's done to get me back todoing the exercises and activities I love.

Justine S., USMC

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